AMG Approached By Landscaping Company In Cheshire

Landscaping Company In Cheshire Abode Of Cheshire Reaches Out

Abode Of Cheshire provide landscaping services in Cheshire for a range of different homes. One of their main services is Landscaping, and they have had the privilege of creating some amazing pieces of work and being a part of many great landscaping projects. 

What Are Anderson Mann Doing For Abode Of Cheshire?

Initially the Abode Of Cheshire domain appeared nowhere on Google search engine results, Anderson Mann hope to form an ethically SEO strategy to improve on this, and hopefully get page 1 rankings within 3 months.

landscaping cheshire

Landscaping work in Cheshire

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Digital Printers Macclesfield New Website Launch

I Am Print Website Launch & Rebrand

I Am Print (formerly Laserline) approached The Anderson Mann Group to discuss the rebranding of their website. I Am Print’s old website looked very dated and there were a lot of broken links through out the site.

The designers at The Anderson Mann Group gave the site a completely fresh look, displaying all the digital printers services on the home page, along with coding a large java slider that displays the printers most recent special offers.

Snapshot Of The Site

Digital Printers Macclesfield Website

Click the image to view the full site

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Anderson Mann Group Launches PVC Curtains Website

WC MUNSCH & CO have been trading in the PVC industry for over 40 years, they approached Anderson Mann to revamp their PVC website to attract more customers.

WC MUNSCH & CO also supply a range of other products including; PVC Strip Curtains, Gaskets, hoses, Engineered Plastics, inflatable seals, matting, bellows, crash doors and washers.

You can expect a reliable, responsive and professional service when dealing with WC MUNSCH & CO.


Visit their website and find out more about PVC Strip Curtains.

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Web Design for Supplements and Weight Loss Products

The weight loss industry is growing year on year with the rise in obesity in the UK. There are many options for weight loss ranging from body wraps to food supplements to invasive surgery such as tummy tucks.

Diet Supplements

Natural diet supplements such as Activ8 X Diet Drops are very popular in the UK. These diet drops have include clinically proven ingredients to aid weight loss. Diet supplements work alongside a normal diet and do require will power. They simply help to increase metabolism and suppress hunger along with other things in order to help with the dieting process.

Recent research has shown that dieting and supplements are much more effective in weight loss than exercise. Often the more exercise one does the more you will naturally eat as you feel you have earned it. However, exercise is important for general health and well being.


How to loose weight fast resources

A  good resources for weight loss is the NHS Weight Loss website, This contains useful hints and tip to help you keep health and lose those unwanted pounds.

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SEO Manchester – New Sales Division

SEO Manchester – consistently delivering results for clients provides strong growth in 2010

Anderson Mann SEO Manchester has launched a new in-house sales division to build on our success with existing clients and facilitate the continued growth of the company. The new sales division will allow us to help even more local Macclesfield and Manchester companies with their web marketing.

SEO Manchester sales team training

Anderson Mann’s sales team are fully trained on all aspects of Internet marketing and have full access to our SEO consultants. This allows our SEO Manchester sales consultants to advise potential customers on how to best utilize the internet to help their businesses grow.

In future blog posts we’ll be taking a closer look at the members of the SEO Manchester sales team, as well as adding team  / recruitment pages to the Anderson Mann SEO Manchester website.

New sales division is based in Macclesfield near Manchester

In 2011 we will be further expanding the sales team as well as our SEO / web design teams.

At Anderson Mann SEO Manchester we’re looking for the very best candidates to help drive the company forward by providing industry-leading service to customers. If you live in the Manchester area and feel you meet the brief and feel you can add value to our team then e-mail you CV to

SEO / web design division also expanding

In 2011 we will also be expanding our web design / SEO division. More information on this will be included in future blog posts.

SEO Services

Anderson Mann SEO Manchester provides web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisaion) services in Macclesfield and throughout the Manchester area. If you’re looking for expert help and advice with your internet marketing, why not get in touch to find out how we can help your business succeed online.

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SEO Manchester – Google Launches Google Instant

With constant competition from Microsoft’s Bing and other Search Engine competitors Google is under pressure to innovate in order to keep itself in the lead. The latest innovation from Google comes in the form of ‘Google Instant’ – real time steaming of search results as you type.

Google still shows the same results as it did before, the only difference being that they appear in real time as you search.

Our view at SEO Manchester

At Anderson SEO Manchester, we believe it’s too early to say exactly what impact this will have on SEO Manchester and PPC (Pay-Per-Click). However, we believe the impact will be minimal, despite the hype surrounding the launch. Each time Google announces a new development the Internet is awash with reports that each development will be a game changer and SEO will change forever. However, in reality the hype surrounding new developments is often just that. After many so-called ‘game changers’ in search marketing we have yet to see somthing which really affects the fundamentals of SEO. SEO Tactics change but long-tested strategies which worked for SEO Manchester 10 years ago still work just as well today.

Google Instant will save you time

A Google spokesperson told Anderson Mann SEO Manchester that a key reason for Google  introducing Google Instant is to save searchers’ time. We have a sneaky suspicion that Google hopes it will increase PPC (Pay-Per-Click) revenue as it seems to push the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) sponsored results down the page as you type your search query, which will very likely increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of sponsored results even if only slightly.

Google Instant is live in Manchester

If you want to try Google Instant out for yourself you’ll need to be logged in to your Google account for it to work. For more information visit Google’s Google Instant page.

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Coming Soon – A New Web Site Design for Anderson Mann SEO Manchester

At Anderson Mann SEO Manchester we’re in the process of testing and improving a new website design. As we’re adding more content to the site we wanted to better organise that information for the range of visitors we have coming to the website.

We are aiming to make the SEO Manchester web site simple and quick for those visitors who just want to come on and find out what Anderson Mann SEO Manchester is all about and get in touch. We’re then working on making it easier for those visitors who want to learn more about SEO and how it works to get access to that information.

Time scales for the SEO Manchester design

We’re going to be graduly building up and modifying the design over the next couple of weeks and hope to have the design finalised within the next month. As a Manchester web design company as well as a Manchester SEO firm, our own website is a great test bed to try out new web design concept and monitor the results of those changes.

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SEO Manchester – What is SEO-Friendly Web design?

SEO-friendly web design is a very important to the SEO success of a website.

The good news is that more and more Manchester web desingers are taking SEO in to account when coding websites. However, at Anderson Mann SEO Manchester we still see a lot of websites which have been built with little regard for SEO. Websites which are 3 years or older tend to be the least SEO-friendly with a gradual improvment in the adhearnce of SEO best practice over the past 3 years.

SEO Manchester
A definition of SEO friendly

I could write a very long article on this topic but for now let’s just look at some of the basic (and most critical factors) which make a website SEO friendly.

As we’ve establised in the previous SEO Manchester articles on content creation Google is interested in the text content of a website rather than images and videos. So the most basic requirement of an SEO-friendly website is that the text is real text.

SEO Manchester
Flash websites – text is an image

At Anderson Mann SEO Manchester we see websites which are under-performing in the search engines and when we examile the website we see that the text is an image. This is often the case with Flash websites. In most cases if the text is an image Google is not aware of that text because it cannont read it and therefore Google doesn’t even know what the website is about. These days it is possible to optimise flash website. However, we always recommend coding websites in HTML in order to give your Manchester website the best chance of sucess with your SEO Manchester campaign.

To be continued…

I’m out of time for today but I’ll be adding more to this article over the next few days.

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SEO Manchester Case Studies Coming Soon

At Anderson Mann SEO Manchester, we’ve been busy compiling SEO Manchester and Web Design Manchester case studies and success stories. Anderson Mann SEO Manchester has helped many local business in Macclesfield and across Manchester develop successful websites and execute effective SEO campaigns and we look forward to sharing these on our website.

We’ve also added a new image slider section to the top of the home page – this new section will show show our latest SEO Manchester client SEO results and show case selected new websites we have developed.

SEO Manchester case studies

Our SEO Manchester case studies will show the keywords which we have been helping the client rank for, an overview of the SEO techniques we used in order to achieve the rankings, as well as the rankings themselves. We’re also hopeing to show graphs of tthe rankings over time in order to give new and prospective Manchester and Macclesfield clients an idea of the timescales involved in SEO projects.

Web Design Manchester case studies

Our web design Manchester case studies will explain the reasons for the clients new website, what they hoped to achieve from the website and how Anderson Mann SEO Manchester interpreted the breif. We’ll also look at the technologies such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc. that we opted for when building the website and why. We’ll then look at the results the client has received from their website.

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SEO Manchester – How to write SEO-Friendly Content

In our last blog post we talked about the importance of high quality content for a successful Manchester SEO campaign.

In many cases Anderson Mann SEO Manchester write the content for clients. However in some cases our clients choose to write the content themselves or at least contribute a proportion of the content themselves.

In this article we’re going to cover the basics of writing SEO-friendly content.

SEO Manchester
Tips for writing SEO-friendly content

First off let’s define content. Content is the text, images and videos on your website. For SEO Manchester we’re primarily concerned with the text content.

Content should be:

1. Unique – you can’t just go and copy your content off another website. Google is looking for unique content otherwise it won’t bother indexing your website / pages and you may even receive a duplicate content penalty. You can buy software which is suppose to take existing content and rearrange it to make it unique. This is not a recommended strategy and Google’s become very sophisticated and at spotting non-unique content and it could also have a negative impact on users who visit the site.

2. Content should include your target keywords. However you should not attempt to ‘stuff’ them in as this may lead to penalties. Just use your keywords e.g . ‘Seo manchester’ naturally in your copy.

SEO Manchester
Keeping content fresh

Content should be added to your site regularly. I.e. If you were targeting the search term ‘SEO Manchester’ you might add an SEO Manchester blog to your site and add articles and new relating to SEO and Manchester as well as other related topics such as Web design.

Sometimes it can be hard to think of what to write so here’s a few ideas.

  • Industry news
  • Local news
  • Stuff news
  • Customer news
  • New products or services
  • Case studies
  • Special offers
  • How to guides

You should try to add at least one new piece of content to your site a week.

SEO Manchester

Anderson Mann SEO Manchester are based in the Adelphi mill in Macclesfield, near Manchester and provide SEO, web design and other forms of internet marketing across Manchester. If you’re not happy with the performance of your current website or SEO campaign why not contact us for a chat.

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